Volume 2, Issue 15: May 2, 2017

Do you sometimes become dizzy with the constant change in life? We get tired of hearing “the only constant is change,” even when we know it is true. Some of the changes we must accommodate are a part of the natural cycle of life—we age, our children age, we have grandchildren, our parents die, seasons come and go.

Then there are changes that come like: friends move, we move because of our job, our sports teams acquire and trade players, and government leaders change with every election. These changes happen and we really cannot stop them from happening, as much as we would like to.

And if that is not enough, there is the speeding change that happens in our lives because of technology. Our computers are old by the time we get them set up at home, our phones must be changed frequently just to keep up (about the time I learn to use one, it must be up-graded), and a new gadget comes on the market daily. The world seems to be whirling so fast that it is almost like a run-away roller coaster. 

It wasn’t too many years ago that there was not a cell phone in every hand—we could not keep up with each other at every moment of every day. One person said, “Cell phones simply enable us to report our location—‘I am leaving the grocery store now; I am two blocks from home-see you in a minute; I just left work.’ “Then not that many  years ago we were given the ability to send text messages.

At first I resisted—why type a message when it would be so easy to call? And how can I learn the new texting language? But, slowly I began to see the benefits of texting. As the years have gone by we have also seen the dark side of texting—the dangers of texting while driving and texting sexually explicit pictures and messages.

When changes take us by storm it is easy to be negative and to resist them. We must step back, take a breath and be aware of the ways that these changes can be a means of good in our lives. For instance, texting can be helpful when a crisis occurs—it is a way to send a message of encouragement and hope when a call would be intrusive.

As people of faith I think we are to celebrate the inspiration and brilliance of the creative minds who constantly challenge us with new ideas and innovations.


We are growing!!!  Bread Fellowship preschool class has a party!

We are growing!!!

Bread Fellowship preschool class has a party!