Volume 2, Issue 14: April 20,2017

Seeing Jesus

In driving around Fort Worth during the last several years I have sometimes felt
that every street, highway, and freeway, I travel on is under construction. It can’t be
literally true, but that is how I feel. If I can focus and think positively I know it is a good
thing because it means that our moving about Fort Worth will be made easier by more
efficient traffic patterns and newly paved roads.

One that I watched most closely was the Chisolm Trail Parkway. This freeway
that connects downtown with southwest Fort Worth has been completed for some time
and makes travel around Fort Worth so much easier. It is the first quick way to get to
that part of the city. This freeway was talked about for years before it became a reality.

Watching it being built was most intriguing. On Interstate 20 between Hulen and
Bryant Irvin there were roads everywhere, streets that connected to nowhere and stop
lights where it seemed that anyone would be stopping. It was a maze and made no
sense at all. I felt that if I made a wrong turn I might end up where I did not intend to go.
I tried to figure it out, but to do that I needed to see the plan. That stretch of road made
me think, “I hope there is someone who knows where the roads should go, how they will
connect, what exit should be here and which should be there—it feels so chaotic.”

This is kind of like life, isn’t it? It too can feel chaotic, we are bombarded from all
sides with admonitions to do this or do that, take this job, no, that one is better, live
here, no, that city will be better for the children, discipline the children using this book,
the newest book has better discipline techniques, do these things to make your family
happy, eat this—no that, wear these clothes, buy this new tech toy, believe this, no
believe that, support this candidate, no, this one has the truth, go to this church, no, this
one is better—the list could go on and on. Life just seems out of control at times and I
wish I could simply see the plan.

In one of the daily devotions from Richard Rohr there was one that gave me help
with this dilemma. This is part of what he wrote:

We don’t need to project or maintain any kind of self-image at all, when we discover ourselves “hidden with Christ in God” (Colossians 3:3). . . This is what will happen when we live first inside of silence, the silence that surrounds everything all the time. Only then can we stop exposing ourselves to the judgments of the world; only then will we stop “picking up” the energy of others; only then can we cease our endless self-commentary. We are who we are in God—no more and no less.

When my life begins to feels chaotic and I am begging God for “the plan” I am
going to try to remember “I am who I am in God” and that can only happen when I find
time to “live first inside of silence.” It is the only place where we will find the “peace that
passes understanding.”

If we can do this we will “see” Jesus.